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The Latest World Headlines From BBC News . . .

'Repeat attack' at Jerusalem Gay Pride

Six people are stabbed at a Gay Pride march in Jerusalem and police arrest an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man they say attacked marchers in 2005.

Plane debris to be sent to France

Debris found on an Indian Ocean island is to be sent to France to determine if it is from the missing airliner MH370, Malaysia's PM says.

IMF wary of third Greek bailout

The International Monetary Fund is wary of any financial contribution to a third Greek bailout and is unlikely to provide funds at the first stage.

Taliban pick Mullah Omar's successor

The Taliban appoint a successor to Mullah Omar and confirm that the veteran leader has died, as reported earlier by the Afghan government.

US inquiry into African lion killer

US officials launch an investigation into the killing of a lion in Zimbabwe but say they have been unable to reach the American involved.

Top Gear: Ex-hosts sign Amazon deal

Former Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May sign up to present a new show on Amazon's streaming service.

Rebel flags found at US black church

Police say two white males were behind the placing of four Confederate flags outside a church near the Martin Luther King Jr Center in Atlanta.

Soldiers guard El Salvador buses

El Salvador provides security escorts for buses forced to observe a strike called by criminal gangs, after several drivers were killed.

More arrests in Chile burning case

A further five Chilean ex-army soldiers are charged over the burning of two teenagers during a 1986 protest against Gen Augusto Pinochet.

Facebook builds drone for net access

The social network Facebook announces it has built its own drone to bring internet connectivity to remote parts of the world.

Finn puts England on brink of win

Steven Finn takes 5-45 to reduce Australia to 168-7 in their second innings on the second day of the third Ashes Test at Edgbaston.

Plea for help over Calais crisis

Police and social services in the UK say there are seeking urgent support to deal with the impact of the Calais migrant crisis.

VIDEO: One night by the Calais security fence

The BBC's Paul Adams spends one night with some of the migrants trying to gain access to the rail tracks that run through the Channel Tunnel.

VIDEO: Inside Calais migrant camp 'village'

The makeshift migrant camp in Calais is now equipped with a school room, a canteen, and its shelters are becoming more permanent. Christian Fraser looks around.

VIDEO: MH370 relative torn over debris find

Jacquita Gonzales, wife of MH370 passenger Patrick, is torn over whether to believe that plane debris found in Reunion is from the missing airliner.

VIDEO: Philae may have found 'primordial soup'

The Philae lander, after successfully landing on a comet in late 2014, may have made a significant discovery about the ingredients which create life.

VIDEO: Protesters call for hunter's extradition

A group of protestors hold a demonstration outside the office of the American dentist who killed the Zimbabwean lion Cecil.

VIDEO: RAF 'intercepts Russian aircraft'

The Ministry of Defence has released footage which it said shows RAF Typhoons intercepting 10 Russian aircraft.

VIDEO: Just who is Taliban's Mullah Omar?

The Taliban have confirmed that their long-time leader, Mullah Omar, is dead.

VIDEO: Night patrols to deter Calais migrants

Security forces in Calais have been working to prevent a third successive night of mass incursions into the Channel Tunnel by migrants trying to reach Britain.

The Taliban enter uncharted territory

With the death of leader Mullah Omar, and the appointment of a successor, the Afghan Taliban face their biggest challenge yet, writes Dawood Azami.

Beware the muddled middle of politics

Are those calling for the Labour Party to stick to the middle ground of British politics missing a trick, asks Mark Mardell.

Great robotic missions to explore space

Pallab Ghosh picks out five robotic missions which have inspired us and changed our perception of the Universe.

Could plane debris be MH370?

The BBC examines whether an aeroplane part found in Reunion could belong to the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Half of online world uses Facebook

Half of the world's estimated online population now check in to the social networking giant Facebook at least once a month.

Aurora found beyond our Solar System

An aurora resembling the 'northern lights' has been spotted outside the Solar System for the first time, scientists report.

Celebrity fitness chain to go public

SoulCycle, the indoor cycling fitness chain with a celebrity following in the US, including David Beckham and Lady Gaga, plans to float on the stock market.

Google to defy French privacy ruling

Google is to defy a French ruling that the "right to be forgotten" should be applied globally and not just in Europe.

Obama wants world's fastest computer

President Obama has signed an executive order calling for the US to build the world's fastest computer by 2025.

Spy leaks website being investigated

Germany's federal prosecutors are investigating if a website that covers digital rights issues committed an act of treason.

Ai Weiwei denied six-month UK visa

Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is refused a six-month visa by the British government amid claims he lied on his visa application form.

Zayn Malik signs solo record deal

The former One Direction singer posts a picture of him signing a contract with RCA Records.

Comet yields 'rich array' of organics

The spacecraft which made a spectacular landing on a comet last year has discovered a rich array of carbon compounds.

Robot can leap from water's surface

Scientists in South Korea develop a tiny robot - based on the water strider insect - that can jump on water

'Abortion pill' legalised in Canada

Canadian health authorities have approved the drug RU-486, commonly known as the abortion pill.

Prostate cancer: Five types 'found'

Scientists identify five types of prostate cancer, each with a distinct genetic signature.

West Ham United 2-2 Astra Giurgiu

James Collins sees red as West Ham surrender a two-goal lead, drawing 2-2 with Astra Giurgiu in the Europa League.

Ferrari rumours disturbing - Bottas

Williams driver Valtteri Bottas describes speculation linking him with a move to Ferrari as "disturbing".

Why is the US still using a Nazi tall ship?

The Eagle was built by the Nazis and fought for Hitler in World War Two - so how did it end up as a training vessel for all new US Coast Guard cadets?

First English US founders identified

Scientists identify the remains of four English men who were among the early leaders of Virginia's Jamestown settlement - the first successful British colony.

Burundi rival accepts top post

Burundi's opposition leader Agathon Rwasa is elected as a deputy speaker of parliament, despite his criticism of recent controversial polls.

Kenya's Garissa campus 'must reopen'

Peace activists in Kenya are calling for the reopening of the college where 148 people were killed by gunmen from the Somalia-based al-Shabab group.

India 'to overtake China' by 2022

India is set to overtake China to become the most populous nation by 2022 - six years earlier than previously predicted, a new UN study finds.

China ex-general in corruption probe

Former high-ranking Chinese army figure Guo Boxiong is expelled from the Communist Party amid corruption allegations.

Cameron in warning to Calais migrants

The UK will not become a "safe haven" for migrants in Calais, David Cameron warns, after hundreds continued attempts to reach the country overnight.

Ukraine pilot appears in Russia court

Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko appears in a Russian court, accused of involvement in the killing of two Russian journalists in eastern Ukraine.

Maradona accuses ex-wife of theft

Argentine football legend Diego Maradona accuses ex-wife Claudia Villafane of stealing $9m (£6m) from his bank accounts, a claim she denies.

Runaway lorry kills Mexico pilgrims

A lorry in central Mexico ploughs into a religious procession, killing at least 16 pilgrims and injuring about 30, officials say.

Israel allows force-feeding in jails

The Israeli parliament passes a law allowing detainees to be force-fed, following cases of Palestinian inmates going on hunger strike.

Al-Jazeera retrial verdicts delayed

An Egyptian court delays verdicts in the retrial of three Al-Jazeera journalists previously jailed for allegedly aiding the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ohio police officer denies murder

A police officer who killed an unarmed black man during a traffic stop pleads not guilty to murder, as his bond is set at $1m.

US baby gets lifetime hunting permit

Daylen Brickley, a baby from the US state of New Hampshire, is the proud owner of a lifetime permit to hunt and fish - the first license holder under a new program.

In pictures: Bamiyan Valley in Afghanistan

Simon Norfolk's landscapes of Afghanistan

In pictures: Bamiyan Valley in Afghanistan

Simon Norfolk's landscapes of Afghanistan

Terror on the beach

Survivors tell their stories of Tunisia massacre

A tourist in the land of the ayatollahs

What is it like to visit the land of the ayatollahs?

'Epidemic' of US children sold for sex

The US children sold for sex

Rio's favelas get Olympics B&B fever

Rio's favelas to accommodate visitors to 2016 Olympics

VIDEO: How to blow up a car (in the movies)

The secrets of film special effects revealed

VIDEO: 'Killer brew' addicts lose alcohol and privates

The illegal alcohol driving wives to take desperate measures

How the 1993 blasts changed Mumbai forever

How the 1993 blasts changed Mumbai for ever

A more subtle side of IS recruitment

'How IS tried to radicalise me in... and how I resisted'

'Nazis secretly eat falafel': German town's pro-refugee posters

The pro-refugee posters in a small German town