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I live in Chatsworth, California with my long term partner, Greg Venne.

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The Latest World Headlines From BBC News . . .

Afghan Taliban announce new leader

The Afghan Taliban name Mawlawi Haibatullah Akhundzada as their new leader following the death of Mullah Mansour in a drone strike.

Eurozone agrees landmark deal on Greece

Eurozone ministers agree to extend a fresh bailout loan to Greece as well as debt relief, in what they call a "major breakthrough".

Cattle drugs 'could fuel climate change'

Dosing farm animals with antibiotics increases greenhouse gas emissions from cow dung, research suggests.

Kurds launch attack near IS 'capital'

A US-backed alliance of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters begins a campaign to expel Islamic State militants north of their stronghold Raqqa.

US seeks death penalty for church attack

The US justice department seeks the death penalty in the case of the Charleston church shooting which claimed nine lives last year.

New tests find Russian athletes positive

The Russian Olympic Committee says 14 of its athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics have tested positive for doping during re-tests of their samples.

No visas, no migrant deal, warns Turkey

Turkey's parliament will block a deal on the migrant crisis with the EU if Turks do not gain visa-free travel, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warns.

Cosby to stand trial in sex assault case

Actor and comedian Bill Cosby could face up to 10 years in prison after being ordered to stand trial on charges of sexual assault.

Cuba legalises private businesses

Cuba's government legalises small and medium-sized private businesses, the latest stage of reforms launched by President Raul Castro.

Toyota hails a ride with Uber

Carmakers Toyota and Volkswagen have struck separate partnerships with rideshare companies Uber and Gett.

Brexit could extend austerity, IFS says

Austerity measures could be extended by two years in the UK should it vote to leave the EU, the Institute for Fiscal Studies says.

More young Americans 'living with parents'

Living with a parent is now the most common young adult living arrangement in the US, new research suggests.

VIDEO: Inside infamous Moscow anti-doping lab

Dan Roan is granted rare behind-the-scenes access to the discredited Moscow laboratory at the centre of the Russian doping scandal.

VIDEO: Hunting universe's strangest particles

Deep underground, beneath Daya Bay in the south of China, scientists are hunting for the oddest particles in the cosmos - neutrinos.

VIDEO: US Navy drones 'shot into the sky'

US Navy researchers test drones that can be shot into the sky for rapid deployment.

VIDEO: IS 'destroyed Syria airbase' used by Russia

A strategically significant Syrian airbase, used by Russia, appears to have been almost completely destroyed - according to new satellite imagery exclusively seen by the BBC. Stratfor analyst Sim Tack explains.

VIDEO: Anti-IS forces move in on Falluja

US planes have been attacking targets of the so-called Islamic State group, as Iraqi government forces try to win back control of the city of Falluja.

VIDEO: Tasting the noodles Obama ate

As well as carrying out his official engagements, President Obama found time for less formal meetings during his visit in Vietnam.

VIDEO: Dorsey: Twitter rules don't make sense

Twitter's chief executive explains why he is changing its restrictions on how long tweets are allowed to be.

VIDEO: Gay refugees 'bullied' in Dutch camps

Gay refugees from the Middle East have faced abuse and harassment in Dutch camps - but now LGBT charities have begun to step in.

The gene's still selfish: Dawkins' famous idea turns 40

As The Selfish Gene notches up 40 years in print, Richard Dawkins discusses its legacy, the "resuscitation" of software he wrote in the 1980s - and giving up Twitter.

Illegal immigration raises heat in US election

Divisions over how to deal with illegal immigration - particularly following Donald Trump's incendiary rhetoric - are likely to play a key role in debate during the US presidential election, says James Naughtie.

Would a new UN Convention help refugees?

Does the 65-year-old UN Refugee Convention need to be updated to deal with the current refugee crisis?

Pisa tests for 21st Century 'global skills'

International Pisa tests will include questions in global skills in the next round of tests

Australia MP is 'Depp's Hannibal Lecter'

Australia's deputy PM says he's "pulling strings" in Johnny Depp's head, after the actor says he is "inbred with a tomato", in the ongoing dog-smuggling saga.

Bourdain and Obama: Six things about the $6 meal

Obama shares Vietnamese food with celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain in Hanoi

Monsanto rejects $62bn offer from Bayer

Monsanto turns down a $62bn (£43bn) takeover offer from Bayer that would have created the world's biggest agricultural supplier.

Tata considers bids for UK steel plants

Business Secretary Sajid Javid and Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones are in Mumbai for a Tata board meeting to discuss bids for its UK steel operations.

Microsoft accused of 'nasty trick'

Clicking the red cross on the Windows 10 pop-up box now activates the upgrade instead of closing the box.

Huawei sues Samsung over patents

Huawei is suing its tech rival Samsung in two countries over claims that several of its patents have been infringed.

Pink Panther star Burt Kwouk dies

Burt Kwouk, who was best known for playing Inspector Clouseau's manservant Cato in the Pink Panther films, dies aged 85.

McCartney 'was depressed after Beatles'

Sir Paul McCartney talks candidly about the depression he suffered after The Beatles broke up, and says he turned to alcohol to escape.

Exxon 'has to change or die' on climate

The world's biggest publicly traded oil company faces a critical AGM under pressure from a broad coalition of shareholders on climate change.

Yellowstone in 1871 and today

Since it was photographed in 1871, Yellowstone National Park has changed in various ways. A new photo exhibit highlights the changes 140 years later.

Malaria drug 'should stop for troops'

Anti-malarial drug Lariam, which can cause severe side-effects, should be the "drug of last resort" for UK troops, MPs on the defence committee say.

NHS doctor joined Islamic State group

An NHS doctor left his family in the UK and joined the Islamic State group in Syria, the BBC learns from leaked IS recruitment papers.

Mourinho and Man Utd talks continue

Jose Mourinho and Manchester United are set for a second day of talks, with the Portuguese close to becoming the club's next manager.

City bans alcohol for England v Wales

England and Wales fans cannot drink in the streets of Lens around their sides' Euro 2016 game.

How one man saved a generation of premature babies

For years doctors in the US made little attempt to save the lives of premature babies, but there was one place distressed parents could turn for help - a sideshow on Coney Island.

The beautiful flower with an ugly past

How the cornflower has become the centre of a political controversy in Austria.

Nigerian state in 'tomato emergency'

A state of emergency is called in the Nigerian state of Kaduna after 80% of tomatoes are reportedly destroyed by pests.

EgyptAir explosion claims denied

Egypt's forensics chief denies reports that an initial examination of the remains of victims of the EgyptAir crash points towards an explosion.

Shoe vigilante sparks Chinese debate

A Chinese social media user who filmed himself throwing away the shoes of a sleeping barefoot traveller has caused a social media storm.

N Koreans defect from overseas restaurant

A group of North Koreans working at a state-run restaurant overseas have defected, South Korea confirms, the second such case since April.

Google's Paris HQ raided in tax probe

French finance officials raid the Paris offices of US internet giant Google as part of a €1.6bn tax fraud investigation.

Strike hits all French oil refineries

A strike over new labour laws spreads to all of France's eight oil refineries, the CGT union says, in an escalating dispute with the government.

Leaked tape forces Brazil minister out

A key minister in Brazil's new government steps aside after he was caught on tape allegedly conspiring to obstruct a major corruption probe.

Mexico begins exhumation at mass grave

Family members of missing people attend as experts begin to remove bodies from an illegal grave site in the state of Morelos.

IS 'destroyed aircraft' at Syria base

New satellite imagery appears to reveal extensive damage to a major airbase in Syria used by Russia after an attack by Islamic State militants.

Iraqi civilians 'at great risk' in Falluja

The UN says it is very concerned for some 50,000 civilians still in the Iraqi city of Falluja, where the army is battling Islamic State militants.

Clinton and Trump sharpen their attacks

US presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have sharpened their attacks as they both turn their attention to the general election.

Evolutionary engineer wins tech prize

US biochemical engineer Frances Arnold takes the million-euro Millennium Technology Prize for pioneering 'directed evolution'.

In pictures: The barbers of Freetown

Photographer Olivia Acland's pictures of the barbers who shape the hair of the residents of Freetown in Sierra Leone.

M&S fashion: From Twiggy to Alexa Chung

From Twiggy to Alexa - Marks & Spencer's battle to be a High Street trendsetter

Mystery after Taliban leader's death

The trail of clues after the Taliban leader was killed

How rare are bright blue lobsters?

What is the chance of catching a bright blue lobster?

Hard labour for smooth skin

Hard labour to make shea butter for beauty products

Why is India's Taj Mahal turning green?

Why India's Taj Mahal is turning green

Saudi Arabia hopes for religious tourism boost

Saudi Arabia prepares for religious tourism boost

Internet not much help finding Chechen leader's missing cat

Chechen leader not impressed by missing cat mocking

VIDEO: How 14,000 Jews were airlifted out of Ethiopia in two days

How Israel flew 14,000 people to safety in two days

Eritrea celebrates 25 years of independence

Eritrea celebrates independence war tactics 25 years on