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Who is Paul?

In many ways, the picture says much to answer that question.

What the picture does not answer:

I live in Chatsworth, California with my long term partner, Greg Venne.

I am passionate about about:
     -->those who can not help themselves
     -->about politics
     -->and individual rights
     -->about Jewelry (I am a graduate gemologist) and Diamonds especially.

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The Latest World Headlines From BBC News . . .

Earthquake leaves at least six dead in central Italy

A magnitude 6.2 earthquake has struck central Italy, leaving at least six dead and others trapped under rubble, officials say.

Syria Jarablus: Turkey pounds IS positions ahead of ground operation

A ferocious bombardment of so-called Islamic State positions marks the start of a Turkish offensive to drive the militants away from the Syrian border.

North Korea submarine fires ballistic missile

North Korea has fired a ballistic missile from a submarine, which flew for 500km (300 miles) before falling in the sea, say the US and South Korea.

UK woman stabbed to death at Australian backpackers' hostel

A 21-year-old British woman dies after she was attacked with a knife in front of 30 people at an Australian backpackers' hostel.

Russian hackers 'targeted New York Times'

The FBI is investigating whether Russian hackers have carried out a series of cyber attacks on the New York Times, officials tell US media.

'It's about freedom': Ban boosts burkini sales 'by 200%'

The Australian woman credited with creating the burkini says bans on the full-bodied Islamic swimsuit in France have boosted sales.

Massive data leak hits French submarine company

Leaked documents from French shipbuilder DCNS reveal crucial details about submarines that the company is building for India, Malaysia, Chile and Brazil.

Louisiana floods: Obama 'heartbroken' after tour

President Barack Obama tours the flood-ravaged areas of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he vowed to help residents rebuild in the coming months.

Turkey evacuates town amid anti-IS Syria campaign

Turkey evacuated Karkamis near Syria, as it prepares an offensive against so-called Islamic State holding Jarablus.

HIV effort let down by test shortages, says WHO

A shortage of HIV testing could undermine global efforts to diagnose and treat people with the infection, warn experts from the World Health Organization.

Tesla's Elon Musk says new car battery is a milestone

Tesla Motors unveils a new battery pack for its cars that boss Elon Musk says marks a profound milestone for the speed and distance of its electric vehicles.

Artist Peter Doig wins case over painting he said was not his work

A Chicago court accepts that artist Peter Doig did not paint a landscape, valued at $10m (£7.6m) when it was believed to be by him.

Italian town of Amatrice struck by earthquake

The town of Amatrice was among several locations to suffer serious damage when a magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit central Italy.

Gaza's last tiger to leave for new home in South Africa

Gaza's last tiger Laziz is leaving for a new home and life in a South African sanctuary.

Ukraine 'undergoing identity makeover'

Ukraine is celebrating 25 years since it gained independence from the Soviet Union.

Dreams and despair in the desert: Africa's new gold rush

The world's newest gold rush is under way in the West African country of Mauritania as thousands rush into the Sahara hoping to strike it rich.

Sarkozy: The former president who wants France back

The former president wants France back.

Hundreds of thousands of dead fish wash up in New Jersey

Hundreds of thousands of fish, commonly known as peanut bunker fish, have washed up dead in a New Jersey creek.

Cat 'adopts' baby squirrel monkey

A baby squirrel monkey, who was rejected by her mother, has been cared for by a cat.

Skateboarding leaps into the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee has announced that five new sports will be added to the Tokyo 2020 Games, including surfing and skateboarding.

34kg pearl found in Philippines 'is world's biggest'

Philippine officials believe they may have recovered the biggest natural giant clam pearl in the world - weighing a whopping 34kg (5.2 stone).

Harambe the gorilla: Cincinnati Zoo deletes Twitter account

An Ohio zoo where a gorilla was shot and killed deletes its Twitter account following constant online harassment about the animal's death.

Hugh Schofield: France agony over Team GB glory

Team GB's spectacular Olympic success leaves France feeling both admiration and envy, as Hugh Schofield reports from Paris.

Mark Lowen: What will US vice-president find in Turkey?

As US Vice-President Joe Biden arrives in the Turkish capital, how do relations between the two countries stand?

Rio Olympics 2016: Did the IOC's gamble pay off or did Brazil fail to deliver?

BBC Sport looks at whether Rio delivered an Olympic experience to be remembered and what the next Games in Tokyo will offer.

Six ways to close the gender pay gap

What are some of the steps that could be taken to narrow the pay gap between men and women?

Is Wikileaks putting people at risk?

Wikileaks has been criticised for not doing enough to screen sensitive information found in documents released via the site.

Summer in Snowdonia

Hyfrydwch un o'n Parciau Cenedlaethol trwy lens y ffotograffydd Dafydd Em // Snowdonia National Park in summer through the lens of photographer Dafydd Em

Turks mourn wedding blast dead

Victims of Saturday night's wedding party blast which left at least 50 dead and injured many more are being buried in the southern Turkish city of Gaziantep.

Rio 2016 closing ceremony

In pictures: The best and most bizarre moments of the Rio 2016 closing ceremony

Africans living in India

Photographer Mahesh Shantaram documents the lives of Africans living in India.

Water Life

A selection of images from Photocrowd’s latest competition, which challenged participants to share their best water themed photos

Hapoel Beer Sheva 2-0 Celtic (agg 4-5)

Celtic reach the Champions League group stage for the first time in three years despite losing at Hapoel Beer Sheva.

Rio Paralympics 2016: Russian state dopers should apologise for ban - Craig Spence

Officials behind Russia's state-sponsored doping should apologise to their athletes, says a British member of the International Paralympic Committee.

Rio Olympics 2016: Laura Trott 'frustrated' by questioning of British success

Four-time Olympic champion Laura Trott dismisses questions from rival riders about Great Britain's Rio performance.

Roma 0-3 FC Porto (agg 1-4)

Italian side Roma fail to reach the Champions League group stage after having two men sent off in a 3-0 defeat by Porto.

Go-getters in the ghetto

France's immigrant suburbs have a terrible image and are accused of breeding jihadists, but there is a hidden, dynamic side to them, says Henri Astier.

Power play

It's hard to locate on a map, but a new plan to disconnect from Australia's power grid is bringing a surge of attention to the village of Tyalgum.

Prison ramen

A new study suggests ramen noodles are now the most valuable prison commodity. Why and how do inmates whip up their own delicacies?

Donkeys and dogs

Pyongyang's Central Zoo, home to elephants, turtles and a surprisingly large variety of dogs, re-opened its doors after some two years of renovations.

Female gaze

Indian woman takes on the trolls after writing in defence of the female gaze.

Potent pills

With ecstasy, or MDMA, being bought more freely on the dark net, the drug is growing in popularity - and in strength.

In the rough

The sporting goods giants of Nike and Adidas are both looking to sell their golf club businesses. The BBC looks at what some of the reasons may be.