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The Latest World Headlines From BBC News . . .

Migrants bussed to Austria border

Migrants are arriving in Austria after Hungary's surprise move to provide buses for them, with Vienna saying it is ready to let them travel on to Germany.

Clinton 'regret' over private email

Hillary Clinton says she wishes she had made a "different choice" and not used a private email account while serving as US secretary of state.

Gay couples wed in Kentucky county

Authorities in a county of the US state of Kentucky issue marriage licences to gay couples after a county clerk was jailed for refusing to do so.

Guatemala ex-leader denies corruption

Jailed Guatemala's ex-president Otto Perez Molina rejects corruption allegations during court hearing - and asks to be placed under house arrest

Saudi king and Obama discuss Iran

King Salman of Saudi Arabia meets President Barack Obama in Washington, on his first trip to the US since assuming the throne in January.

Brain zaps 'may ease travel sickness'

Using electricity to stimulate parts of the brain may ease the symptoms of motion sickness, scientists say.

US economy adds 173,000 jobs in August

The US economy adds 173,000 jobs in August in the last unemployment report before September's interest rate decision by the Federal Reserve.

UAE soldiers killed by Yemen blast

Forty-five soldiers from the United Arab Emirates have been killed in Yemen while fighting Houthi rebels as part of a Saudi-led coalition.

Tajikistan clashes leave 10 dead

Gun Battles in and around Tajikistan's capital Dushanbe leave at least 10 dead, with the government blaming a disaffected minister.

Arrest after drone disrupts US Open

A teacher in New York is arrested on charges of flying and crashing a drone into a row of empty seats during a tennis match at the US Open, police say.

VIDEO: Migrants tear gassed, media held back

Police and migrants have clashed at a refugee camp at Roszke, Hungary, near the Serbian border.

VIDEO: Mother 'collapsed in tears' on migrant march

One migrant told the BBC's Matthew Price she was going to Germany to meet her husband. She had three children with her.

VIDEO: Syria burial for drowned Kurdi family

The bodies of drowned Syrian boy Alan Kurdi and members of his family have been buried in Kobane in Syria after being transported there from Turkey.

VIDEO: Mother gives birth to own grandchild

A 51-year-old woman in the US has been talking about how she gave birth to her own granddaughter.

VIDEO: Underwater treasures go on display

Rare ancient Egyptian artefacts discovered underwater are going on display in Paris for the first time.

VIDEO: Japan's moving castle - in 40 secs

Timelapse footage shows the start of project to move a 400-year-old castle tower in the north-eastern Japanese city of Hirosaki to a nearby site.

VIDEO: Ceremony as bombed Thai shrine reopens

A golden statue damaged in last month's bomb attack in the Thai capital, Bangkok, is unveiled to the public in a special ceremony.

VIDEO: Uber faces backlash in South Africa

Car hire app Uber has been the target of protests and legal action by taxi drivers around the world, but is now making inroads into Africa.

Quds vs Kurds: Trump stumbles on foreign policy

Trump stumbles on foreign policy

Peace remains a distant dream in Afghanistan

The perception that peace will never return to Afghanistan persists and until that changes, Afghans will continue to flee to Europe, says John Simpson.

Five things behind the migrant crisis

Newsnight's diplomatic and defence editor sets out some of the wider issues behind Europe's migrant crisis.

Will Uber drivers turn on Uber?

A Californian judge has ruled Uber drivers can join a joint legal action against the transport company. But do they want to?

Harry Styles corrects fan's bad grammar

One Direction fan gets a grammar lesson from Harry Styles at a US gig.

Russia sets up 'wedding police'

A special police unit is set up to ensure security at weddings in Russia's southern region of Adygea.

China aviation giant buys Irish firm

A unit of Chinese aviation and shipping conglomerate HNA Group is buying Irish aircraft leasing firm Avolon for about $2.5bn (£1.6bn).

VIDEO: 'Meddling' charge over Malaysia probe

A senior anti-corruption official in Malaysia accuses the government of "meddling" with an independent investigation into the prime minister.

Hacked Jeep USB update criticised

Security researchers criticise Fiat Chrysler for posting a USB stick with a software update on it to customers in the US.

US mobile phone tracking curtailed

US law enforcement agencies must now apply for a warrant to use fake mobile phone towers to track criminals.

Sotheby's to sell late owner's $500m art

Works by Modigliani, Picasso and Gainsborough, owned by the former owner of Sotheby's, are to be sold by the auction house later this year.

Bieber has first UK number one track

Pop singer Justin Bieber scored his first UK number one single with What Do You Mean, his fastest-selling single in the UK to date.

'Snail's pace' row at climate talks

UN climate officials have reacted sharply to criticism that the talks to land a new global deal are going at a "snail's pace".

Gravity quest set to go into orbit

Lisa Pathfinder is a fundamental physics experiment that will test the technology needed to detect gravitational waves - what are sometimes referred to as ripples in the curvature of space-time.

Village of 1,000 sealed off over Ebola

A Sierra Leone village of nearly 1,000 people is put under quarantine after a dead woman's body tested positive for Ebola.

Weight loss surgery 'cures diabetes'

Weight loss surgery cures half of patients with type-2 diabetes, for at least five years, a study suggests.

Faroe Islands 1-3 Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland are on the brink of qualifying for Euro 2016 after beating the Faroe Islands 3-1 in Torshavn.

Georgia 1-0 Scotland

Scotland's hopes of reaching the Euro 2016 finals take a blow as Georgia claim a first home win of the qualifying campaign.

Witnessing Japan's surrender in China

When China's war with Japan ended in 1945, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes' great-uncle was sent to Shanghai to find out what had happened to British citizens trapped there in World War Two.

The last woman who makes sea silk

Silk is usually made from the cocoons spun by silkworms - but there is another, much rarer, cloth known as sea silk, or byssus, which comes from a clam.

Nigerian leader declares wealth

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari declares he has $150,000 (£100,000) in his personal account - far less than his vice-president.

Archbishop Tutu leaves hospital

South Africa's Archbishop Desmond Tutu returns home after spending two weeks in hospital for a recurring infection, his foundation says.

Abbott defends migrant boat policy

Australia's PM Tony Abbott says the crisis on Europe's borders is proof of the need for tough asylum policies like Australia's.

Main Thai bomb suspect 'still free'

Thai police investigating the Erawan Shrine bombing say that neither of the two men held in connection with the blast are believed to be the main suspect.

UK to accept 'thousands' more refugees

David Cameron says the UK will fulfil its "moral responsibility" by giving sanctuary to "thousands" more Syrian refugees and providing £100m more in aid to the region.

Nazi train 'finders' go public

Two men who claim to have found a Nazi train said to be laden with gold go public on Polish television but give few details.

Cuba welcomes back doctors who fled

The Cuban government says it will welcome back without punishment doctors who deserted while working on government-backed programmes abroad.

US court in key transgender ruling

A US appeals court grants a transgender illegal immigrant the right to stay, as she would face discrimination in Mexico.

IS 'blows up Palmyra tower tombs'

Islamic State (IS) militants continue their destruction of the ancient Syrian site of Palmyra by blowing up three funerary towers.

Drowned migrant boy buried in Syria

The bodies of drowned Syrian boy Alan Kurdi and his family are buried in the Syrian town of Kobane after being taken across the Turkish border.

Trump 'not to run as independent'

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump agrees not to run as an independent candidate if he loses the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential elections.

Joe Biden: No idea if I will run

US Vice-President Joe Biden says he "just does not know" if he has the "emotional energy" to run for president.

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Vietnamese embrace new US relations

Vietnamese give their views on old foe America

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