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I live in Chatsworth, California with my long term partner, Greg Venne.

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The Latest World Headlines From BBC News . . .

Greece seeks last-minute debt deal

The Greek government requests a new €29.1bn bailout deal from the eurozone - just hours ahead of a deadline to repay a €1.6bn loan to the IMF.

Scores dead in Indonesia plane crash

More than 100 are feared killed as a military transport plane crashes in a residential area of the Indonesian city of Medan, officials say.

Data roaming charges to end in EU

After its watered down plans were attacked in March, the EU reaches a deal to end mobile data roaming charges and define net neutrality rules.

Liberia quarantine after Ebola case

Liberia's authorities quarantine the village where a 17-year-old boy died of Ebola - the first reported case in the country in seven weeks.

Washington Post encrypts the news

The Washington Post begins encrypting parts of its website to make it harder for governments and hackers to monitor the articles people are reading.

South Sudan army 'burnt girls alive'

South Sudan's army and allied militias "abducted, torched and gang-raped girls" during fighting against rebel forces in Unity state, a UN report says.

Strikers set fire to Calais track

Cross-Channel passengers are stranded after striking Calais ferry workers closed the port and blocked Eurotunnel services.

Iran nuclear talks reach deadline

Iran's foreign minister returns to Vienna for talks with world powers on the day of a deadline for an agreement on its nuclear programme.

IS 'linked to French beheading'

There are links between Islamic State and the man who beheaded his boss and tried to blow up a gas plant in France last week, prosecutors say.

Inmates riot at Melbourne prison

Armed police try to contain a huge riot at the Ravenhall maximum security prison in Melbourne, which reports say was sparked by a smoking ban.

SMS pioneer Matti Makkonen dies

Matti Makkonen, who pioneered SMS technology and launched the worldwide sensation of texting, has died.

VIDEO: Gunman 'prayed' moments before death

The BBC's Ben Brown reports from Sousse in Tunisia on what is known about the last moments of Seifeddine Rezgui, who killed 38 people at a beach resort on Friday.

VIDEO: Indonesia pilot 'asked to return'

Scores of people have been killed after an Indonesian military plane crashed in a residential neighbourhood of Medan city.

VIDEO: Aerial video shows Australia prison riot

Heavily armed police have been sent to a prison on the outskirts of Melbourne following a major riot which officials say may be linked to a smoking ban which begins on Wednesday.

VIDEO: Tyres set alight on Eurotunnel track

Thousands of cross-Channel passengers are stranded after striking Calais ferry workers closed the French port and blocked Eurotunnel rail services.

VIDEO: Leap second: What does it mean?

Midnight will come later tonight, as for the first time in three years, an extra second is added to the official time set by atomic clocks.

VIDEO: 'There's a bear on my car!'

A family from Montana has had a close encounter with a grizzly bear at Yellowstone National Park. Courtesy David Peters.

VIDEO: 'Taliban bomb' rips through Kabul convoy

A suicide bomber driving a car has targeted a Nato troop convoy in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

VIDEO: Wildfires hit Washington state

A series of major wildfires have been burning across thousands of acres of Washington state, over 120 miles (190km) east of Seattle.

Argentina's lesson for Greece

What lessons can Greece learn from Argentina's default more than a decade ago?

Are Iran’s Sunni neighbours about to race for The Bomb?

Sunni Gulf states fear the outcome of nuclear talks with Iran, with the prospect of a regional nuclear arms race, says the BBC's Kevin Connolly in Manama.

The month that changed America?

Does history change all at once? June 2015 certainly had its singular historic moments - but almost all were the outcome of long-term forces and long-fought battles, says Nick Bryant.

How safe is UK a decade after 7/7?

Almost 10 years since the 7/7 London bomb attacks, is the UK safer or under greater threat?

All Greek to you? Debt jargon explained

Don't know your Drachma from your Troika? We explain some of the the key terms and elements of the Greek debt crisis

Why Tunisia has been targeted

Following the 26 June attack in the Tunisian resort city of Sousse, the BBC's Aidan Lewis looks at the reasons why the country is vulnerable to attacks.

'Leap second' set to delay midnight

Midnight will come later tonight as for the first time in three years an extra second is added to the official time set by atomic clocks.

Opera audience boos nude rape scene

The opening night of William Tell at the Royal Opera House is marked by boos over a nude rape scene.

Court says Apple fixed e-book prices

A US federal appeals court upholds a ruling that Apple conspired with publishers fix the prices of electronic books.

Eurozone inflation slows to 0.2%

The eurozone's inflation rate dipped slightly from 0.3% in May to 0.2% in June, remaining in positive ground, according to official figures.

Cybercriminals exploit Flash bug

An exploit which takes advantage of a flaw in Adobe's Flash Player is being used by cybercriminals.

Insurer attacked for Facebook tie-up

A health insurer is criticised for advising members to use a Facebook-owned activity tracker without making the social network's involvement more clear.

Blue Peter's John Noakes missing

Former Blue Peter presenter John Noakes, who has Alzheimer's disease, is reported missing from his home in Majorca.

Foo Fighters' US tour to go ahead

The band's US tour is going ahead despite frontman Dave Grohl breaking his right leg in Sweden earlier this month.

Solar plane attempts to cross front

A solar powered plane is encountering its first weather front during its attempt to cross the Pacific Ocean.

China climate change plan unveiled

China - the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases - has announced details of its climate action plan.

Sun cream labelling 'confuses buyers'

There is huge confusion over the labels on sun creams, and manufacturers should all use the same rating system, says the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Drone flies abortion pills to Poland

A Dutch women's rights group uses a drone to fly abortion pills into Poland, in protest at the country's restrictive laws.

Easy wins for Federer and Nadal

Second seed Roger Federer and 10th seed Rafael Nadal easily progress to the second round at Wimbledon.

I am 100% clean, says Briton Farah

GB's double Olympic champion Mo Farah says he is "100% clean", following doping allegations against his coach Alberto Salazar.

My 25 years as a prostitute

Brenda Myers-Powell was raped by pimps, shot and stabbed by clients, but turned her life around - and now helps other prostitutes get off the street.

Who, What, Why: What should you do if you encounter a bear?

A family had a close encounter with a grizzly bear near Yellowstone Park when it jumped on to their car. What should you do if you come face-to-face with a bear?

Station cat gets lavish send-off

A Japanese cat, which became a national celebrity when she was made a station master, is mourned at the station where she served.

Costa Rica's presidential piglet

A piglet given to Costa Rica's president will be kept as a pet.

Nigeria gay ban 'backed by 87%'

A new opinion poll suggests that 87% of people in Nigeria support the legal ban on same-sex relations, compared with 96% five years ago.

Injured Tunisia Britons flown home

Four British tourists seriously injured in the Tunisian beach attack have been flown back to the UK by the RAF.

Two dead in Japan bullet train fire

A man dies after setting himself on fire on a Japanese bullet train, leaving one other passenger dead and others injured.

Deadly attack on Nato force in Kabul

A Taliban suicide bomber driving a car has targeted a Nato troop convoy in the Afghan capital, Kabul, reportedly killing one civilian and injuring 22.

Greek worries continue to hit FTSE

Shares in London and across Europe continue to fall, with Greece expected to fail to make a payment to the IMF.

French hardliner Pasqua dies at 88

One of France's best-known hardline conservatives, ex-interior minister Charles Pasqua, dies of a heart attack in hospital aged 88.

NBC fires Trump over Mexico comments

US TV network NBC cuts ties with Donald Trump over "recent derogatory statements" made by the veteran businessman about Mexican immigrants.

Mexico missing students inquiry delay

Investigators say they have been waiting for three months to interview Mexican soldiers over the disappearance last year of 43 students.

IS 'attacks Syria's Tal Abyad'

Islamic State (IS) militants have attacked the northern Syrian town of Tal Abyad, which they lost to Kurdish fighters two weeks ago, activists say.

'IS car-bomb' strikes Yemen funeral

The Islamic State (IS) militant group say its Yemeni affiliate carried out a car-bombing at a funeral attended by Shia Houthi rebels in Sanaa, with many casualties.

California passes tough vaccine bill

Lawmakers in California pass a contentious bill that would impose one of the strictest school vaccination laws in the US.

FBI investigating black church fires

A series of fires at African-American churches across the US south prompts the FBI to investigate whether the blazes are related.

Tunisia victims to be repatriated to UK

Britons killed by a gunman in last week's Tunisian beach attack will be repatriated from Wednesday ahead of a joint inquest, Downing Street says.

Bodies of mother and daughter found

The bodies of a woman and her daughter are discovered at their Surrey home, the day after a man believed to be the girl's father was found dead in France.

Counter-terrorism exercise in London

Police officers, soldiers, emergency services and intelligence officials are taking part in London's largest counter-terrorism exercise to date.

'No cover-up' in Janner investigation

The senior police officer most likely to have taken the decision not to arrest Lord Janner on charges of child abuse in 1991 says there was "no cover-up".

United Kingdom: From Mummers to Conker Champions

The faces and costumes of annual UK traditions

In pictures: Combating trachoma in Sudan

Eye doctors in villages near Khartoum fight against infectious disease

Your pictures: Bright colours

Readers' photographs on the theme of bright colours

Week in pictures: 20-26 June 2015

A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.

In pictures: The doctors of Debaltseve

Two MSF doctors working in Ukraine

In Pictures: Glastonbury Festival 2015

Music festival opens its doors for another year

In pictures: China rice paddy art

Chinese farmers create 3D murals on their paddy fields

In pictures: Yemen air strikes take high civilian toll

Yemen bombing campaign takes high civilian toll

What are you going to do with your leap second?

What will you do with that extra time?

Apple aims for bigger bite of music market

Will Apple Music kill Spotify?

The animal that was the victim of its own power

How we destroyed the animal we most admired

Islamic State may threaten Russia's Caucasus

Could Russia face new threat from Islamic State in Caucasus?

The activist who won't give up

The Uzbek protester who refuses to give up

VIDEO: The US love of bespoke British suits

The US love of bespoke British tailoring